Hillsborough Community Information

Hillsborough History

In 1892, the scions of the mining, banking and railroad tycoons, including the Crockers, Tobins, Spreckels, Pullmans, among others, founded the Burlingame Country Club, a large golf course with an opulent clubhouse surrounded by country estates. The town was incorporated in 1910 so as to preserve the exclusive, rural, country feeling of the town and to prevent neighboring towns from annexing the area and changing its character.

Hillsborough Community

When the 1906 earthquake struck, many of the great mansions of San Francisco were destroyed. With the competition depleted, Hillsborough's reputation ascended as THE town of "old money" wealthy. Hillsborough passed laws forbidding almost all businesses (you will not even find a gas station or 7 Eleven store in town) and restricting the housing stock to single-family residential. Residences must be located on a minimum of one-half acre, providing a sense of openness and space. The restrictive zoning laws are still in force, and most residents like it that way, with real estate prices reflecting these restrictions. The town is ranked #7 nationally in Worth magazine's "America's Richest Towns" report in a recent report.


Up until the 1940s, Hillsborough had fewer than 400 residences, thus ensuring the utmost privacy and exclusivity. However, after the war major growth came to the town. The town added 1,100 residences in the 1950s, 600 in the l970s and 400 in the 1980s. The town is now almost completely built out. Total Hillsborough residences currently number about 3850.

High Standard of Living

The town of Hillsborough provides its residents with a high standard of living. This ethnically diverse city in recent years has welcomed many Asians and Asian Americans. A strong sense of community abounds and is evident in the many school-sponsored and community events that fill the town's social calendar each year. Education is a high priority. A schools foundation and a parents' club raise about $700,000 a year for the community's four schools. From the clean, quiet, and safe streets to the towering trees and immaculate dwellings that line them, it is evident that this town is a uniquely beautiful place to call home.

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